Microscopic Endodontics


Microscopic Endodontics services offered in Grand Central, Midtown, New York, NY

If you possibly need a root canal, microscopic endodontics offers this cutting-edge approach to give you a superior experience and outcome. Among the many advanced treatments provided at Intelligent Dental Group in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, Dr. Strickman offers microscopic endodontics that allows him to perform your procedure at the highest level of precision. To learn more, call the friendly office staff today or book an appointment online.

What is microscopic endodontics?

Microscopic endodontics offers a modern approach to provide patients with higher quality root canal procedures, using high-powered optical devices that magnify the operative field up to 25 times. The procedure removes infection from your tooth that typically causes severe pain. 


Your tooth roots can have multiple canals and curved paths that can be difficult for your endodontist to navigate. However, with microscopic endodontics, the intense magnification allows them to have a clear picture of the inside of your tooth.


At Intelligent Dental Group, our endodontist Dr. Strickman has mastered the dental operative microscope (DOM) to perform your procedure and provide you with a superior experience and outcome. This cutting-edge, advanced technology provides impeccable precision, which offers the highest level of expert treatment for your oral structures.

Am I a candidate for microscopic endodontics?

You should schedule an appointment at Intelligent Dental Group if you have any of the following symptoms:


  • Darkened tooth
  • Intense pain when biting down
  • Worsened ache in your mouth when lying down
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks
  • Gum inflammation around your tooth


These symptoms could mean that you have an infection in your tooth, which most likely needs a root canal. 


If you ignore the signs of needing professional dental treatment, you could suffer the loss of your tooth or develop even more serious complications for your health, like heart disease or a brain abscess. However, if you make an appointment at Intelligent Dental Group, you’re guaranteed to receive superior attention, care, and treatment.

What are the benefits of microscopic endodontics?

Using dental operating microscopes makes the tiniest, fine structures appear extremely clear to your endodontist. The DOM helps with diagnosis and nonsurgical endodontic procedures. 


For example, you might have a tiny, painful fracture that might not be detected with traditional diagnostic methods. Or, you might have hidden or extremely narrow canals positioned in a way that’s almost impossible for your endodontist to see. But microscopic endodontics changes that. The improved vision offers improved quality of your examination and treatment.


If you have pain in your tooth or signs of infection, don’t wait to be seen by the professionals at Intelligent Dental Group. Their microscopic endodontics service can make all the difference. Call the expert team for an appointment or use the online booking tool today.